Training Bible teachers for the local church


The Tim Course offers practical training in Bible ministry. Our goal is to equip Christians to:


  • Understand the Bible accurately
  • Teach the Bible effectively
  • Apply the Bible appropriately

The course helps to train preachers, Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers, youth group volunteers, and others engaged in ‘word ministry’. The course runs on Mondays, during school terms, and takes 2 years to complete.


Bible Overview

See the big picture of the whole Bible. We will learn about the Bible’s unfolding story which centres on Jesus Christ. We will also consider the big themes and theology of the Bible.


Bible handling skills

Learn how to read, understand and apply Old Testament Narrative (1 Samuel), Old Testament Poetry (Psalms), Old Testament Prophecy (Hosea), New Testament Gospels (Mark), New Testament History (Acts) and New Testament Letters (Romans).


Practical Ministry

Reflect on the issues we face in ministry – the character qualities of a leader, caring well for others, leading a team, setting ministry priorities and coping with pressure.


Hands-on practice and feedback

Throughout the year, students will give four short Bible talks from different books of the Bible. An  experienced Bible teacher will give encouragement and help to sharpen your skills.


Rob Morton

Rob is our Course Director, and he leads about half of our sessions together. Rob has been a pastor and church planter. He is passionate about training others for ministry in the local church. Before joining the Tim Course, Rob was working as a training enabler for a national network of churches.

James de Costobadie

Costa came from the UK to NZ in 2005 to serve in gospel ministry. He is now the minister at Latimer Church in Christchurch. Costa is the chair of the board for the Gospel Training Trust. He teaches several New Testament book studies and provides student feedback for the Tim Course.

Jay Behan

Jay is the first Bishop of the Diocese of the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand. He was previously the minister at St Stephen’s Anglican Church. Jay serves on the board of the Gospel Training Trust and teaches Exodus and the Bible Overview for the Tim Course.


Since the course began in 2011, we’ve trained over 150 people to communicate the good news of the gospel from the Scriptures.


  • In-person: you will meet and be encouraged by Christians from many other local churches.
  • Hands-on: you will spend plenty of time digging into the Bible and practicing new skills.
  • Accessible: the course equips people from a variety of backgrounds to serve their church.
  • Manageable: as a part-time course, you can complete your learning alongside work, family and ministry commitments.
  • Experienced: our teaching team are experienced Bible teachers and preachers who are committed to training others.
  • Variety: every year we get to learn from other pastors and church workers from  New Zealand and overseas.

“I have loved spending a whole day in God’s word, taking the time to delve deeper.”


“I’ve enjoyed the morning devotions – having a time to pray with others from other churches”.



“Really appreciate the depth we go into when covering a passage. It is clear that the teaching is taken seriously”



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